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Hindi Alphabet

Did You Know?

Hindi is an alphabet based language with forty–six letters, which is twenty more than in the English alphabet. The reason for this is that each sound has its own letter. In English, many letters combine to make new sounds. For example, the letter "h" is often used with other letters like "s" "c" "t" to form new sounds like "sh" "ch" and "th". In the Hindi alphabet, each of these sounds have their own letter.

In addition to this, the Hindi alphabet also has multiple "b" "d" "k" "r" and "t" letters. Each giving a slightly different pronunciation of the letter.

Words are sounded out exactly as they are written. Vowel marks appear either in front, behind, above or below the consonants. There are 11 vowel letters which can support the vowel marks when no consonant is available.

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